Zayn Malik Calls DJ a ‘Fat Joke’ on Twitter

The former One Direction member claims that the producer “ain’t shit but a faker.”

The Zayn Malik-Naughty Boy working relationship is apparently over: the former One Direction member took to Twitter on Monday (July 13) and slammed the U.K. producer for exploiting their musical partnership and sharing demos.

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Malik called Naughty Boy a “fat joke” and told him to “stop pretending we’re friends.” To add insult to injury, he added, “No one knows you.” Ouch.

The singer followed it up with another thinly veiled attack: “Someone learned how to upload a video… maybe now he should learn how to use logic ha you ain’t shit but a faker.”

Naughty Boy has yet to respond to the Monday tweets, but some of his Saturday tweets could be about Malik: “[T]his ‘music’ business teaches you the tricks but never the truth . you know who you are.”

In March, Naughty Boy posted a demo of Malik performing a song called “I Won’t Mind,” which was the former 1D member’s de facto first solo track less than a week after the 22-year-old had left the best-selling boy band. Naughty Boy, the producer behind the Top 20 hit “La La La,” posted the track with the hashtag #zaughty, hinting at future collaborations between the pair.


According to the Billboard article above, former One Direction Bandmate Zayn Malik fires back at producer Naughty Boy for making a false claim about him. We’re still not sure if there is an actual connection between the pop star and the producer, but what we do know? Zayn is not happy about whatever it is. ForeverCeleb Commentary

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