Tracy Morgan Seen in New Car After Accident

Tracy Morgan took a huge leap forward in his recovery, and he did it in style.

Tracy — who was severely injured in a horrible car crash a year ago — was cruising in a sick, silver Lambo Saturday afternoon on 5th Ave in NYC.

Steve Lacy, the anchor at Fox 5 in New York, took the pic. He says he first noticed the Lambo, and was floored when he saw who was behind the wheel. Steve says he asked Tracy how he was doing and the comedian said he was good and flashed the peace sign.

Lacy says Morgan “was just like the Tracy we knew.”


ForeverCeleb Commentary: According to the article above from TMZ, Tracy Morgan was spotted behind the wheel of a Lamborghini in New York City this week, a shocking sight after his severe car accident earlier this year. Best of luck to you, Tracy.

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