Kate Hudson on Date with NFL Player JJ Watt

The rumors are swirling around Kate Hudson and JJ Watt after a recent SnapChat post the Houston Texan’s player made this week. The two were on a “date” when they posted on social media, and they appeared to be having a lot of flirtatious fun.

From what we can tell, the two were taking photos and videos while playing with the latest SnapChat photo filters at a restaurant, and they were having a blast together. Watt made a comment on one video that, “Apparently the stars belong to the hottest person on the date, that’s why Kate wins,” as stars floated over her head from the photo filter.


Hudson, 36, is notorious for dating younger men. She’s dated athletes, actors, and musicians, one of the most recent names linked to hers was Nick Jonas who is almost 13 years younger.


JJ Watt is only nine years younger than her, so we have our fingers crossed that this “date” was, indeed, a romantic one. And although other recent rumors said that Watt is dating Dancing with the Stars cast member Paige VanZant, these things can change quickly, especially for a hot NFL player.

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