Comedian Michelle Collins Joins “The View”

Sources confirmed to EW July 8 that comedian Michelle Collins would be the latest to join The View, but now it’s official: The show announced Monday that Collins will indeed be joining the roundtable on a permanent basis starting next season.

The news comes on the heels of current host Rosie Perez announcing her departure last week.

“We’ve had so much fun hanging out with this young lady that we’ve aked her to become our 15th co-host,” Whoopi Goldberg said when she introduced Collins on Monday’s show. The feeling is mutual: “I am so excited and I feel so lucky that I get to come here and spend this time with you,” Collins said to her new co-hosts.

(She was so excited that she was “shaking” and so nervous that she “double-Spanxed it” for the day.)


ForeverCeleb Commentary: According to the article above from Entertainment Weekly, comedian Michelle Collins will be joining the hosts on The View. Congratulations, Michelle. We’re excited for where your career is heading.

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